Corporate Health Assessments

Why conduct Corporate Health Assessments?
  • Risk minimisation through preventing lifestyle induced illness
  • Assess problem areas and quantify risk
  • Attract and retain key staff
  • Improved productivity
  • Compliance to OH&S legislation
  • Build organisational culture and increase morale
  • Gain a reputation as an Employer of Choice

ACH provide proactive risk management strategies and believe that corporate health assessments are invaluable in protecting your most important assets – your personnel.

We offer not only executive corporate health assessments but also health screening for all staff.

Our comprehensive range of corporate health assessment options includes:
  • Executive Corporate Health Assessments
  • Well person health screen
  • Healthy heart check

ACH corporate health assessments include a full medical examination and testing onsite or at one of our Corporate Health Assessment Centres.  Our programs not only assess risk, but also motivate positive lifestyle changes and can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Our corporate health assessments are superior to those of other companies because we offer follow up services based on the information identified during the health assessment process to support healthy change and risk reduction. Further we have qualified doctors to manage any health problems identified thus providing complete and continuity of care.

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Services List:

  Health Checks & Consultations  Flu & Travel Vaccinations  Skin Cancer Checks & Treatment  Pre-Employment Medicals  Mental Health Support  Health Prevention Wellness Programs