Travel Medicine and Travel Vaccines

Overseas travelers have up to a 50% chance of suffering travel-related illness some of which can be life threatening.

Therefore, prior to travel it is important to have a medical check-up for personalised advice on how to reduce your risk of illness.

ACH doctors have extensive experience with all aspects of travel medicine.

Our Travel medicine package includes:

  • A Doctor’s consultation.
  • Travel Advice
  • Vaccinations – Please note that:
    • As some vaccinations are given over a period of time, it is important that you organise your initial contact with us as early as possible.
    • Some live vaccines like yellow fever vaccine have to be administered together with other live vaccines or 3 to 4 weeks apart from other live vaccines so again please consult our doctors prior to having other vaccines.
  • Follow-up upon return to Australia

To make a booking for this service please contact us well in advance of your travel date.

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