Why choose ACH?

Australian Corporate Health (ACH) is an Australian owned and operated company, specialising in corporate healthcare. Our goal is to deliver best-practice corporate wellness programs that will inform, support and inspire your employees to achieve their optimal health and productivity.

At ACH we believe that your organisation’s most valuable asset is your staff and caring for their health is a paramount investment in the future of your business.

ACH is a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals with expertise in every facet of corporate health. Our corporate health programs are proven to reduced absenteeism, improve focus & productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

We offer a unique, personal healthcare experience where employees return to the same health professional each visit to ensure continuity of care. Our  focus on a holistic & proactive healthcare approach will support staff in achieving physical and mental wellness and energise and engage them for better productivity.

As a leading corporate health provider we work in partnership with you to meet your organisation’s unique goals from your budget, your culture and values, to your employees’ health needs.